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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send money using Beo-Export?

We safeguard your information by using the latest technology.
Following a quick registration process by providing BEO-Export with valid identification (Driving Licence, Passport or Proof of Identity), you are ready to send money. This is only done at time of registration and will not have to be repeated for subsequent transactions.


- At our offices 68 Moore St, Liverpool NSW 2170
- At one of the locations of our Banking Partners. Please call us prior to making the payment
- Credit Card / Debit Card Payments over the phone

In what currency is possible to send money?

The money is paid in exclusively in AUS dollars.

The recipient receives the money in EUR or in a currency of the country of destination.

Who pays for the transfer of money?

Money transfer fee is paid exclusively by the sender.

Please note that there may be intermediary Bank fees applicable if money is sent via Telegraphic Transfers.

To completely familiarise yourself with the process and obtain the payout figure, please call 02 8781 1950 prior to making the request for transfer.

What is necessary to receive the money?

A valid identification document must be presented by recipient upon receiving the money.

To what countries can I send the money?

Using Telegraphic Transfer (TT) your money can be transferred directly to the bank accounts in any country in the world. Telegraphic Transfer are the most reliable and most convenient way to transfer money from Australia.

Are you able to deliver money to home address?

Money can be delivered straight to your door throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Serbian Republic, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Fees and charges apply. Please speak to our representatives before you choose this option.


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